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Cuss Monthly: Mazagine Launch

Joburg Fringe Art Fair: 21 Sept-25Sept

We at borderline love art, and giving up and coming artist the platform to be heard and showcasing what they have been doing.

Fortunately, for us the Joburg Fringe Art Fair will be in town from the 21st – 25th of September.

The Joburg Fringe offers the opportunity for some great artistic extra curricular activities to be viewed. The fringe is for the artists – those not yet discovered by commercial galleries, the up-and-coming artists on fame’s threshold– who relish the possibilities for exposure. Established and well-known contributors often join fringe events giving themselves an edgy platform to be shown on and new talent to show with.

This the 4th year the Fringe Art Fair has been around. Starting off at places like Blank Projects, Spaza Art Gallery, Outlet Gallery, Worldart, Gugulective and The Bag Factory. With artists like Johan Thom, Sharlene Khan, Claudia Shneider, Senzo Nhlapo, Bev Price and Jonathan Garnham; performing solos it epitomised fringeness. From there in 2009, the fair was at the unfinished arts on main building in downtown Joburg. In 2010, the fair was all over Joburg at The Bioscope , The Bag Factory, The Sports Bar at the Troyeville Hotel and at Anglo Gold Ashanti Headquarters. This year the fair will be in Braamfontein and i think South Point deserve a S/O for making the event possible. The fair will be behind the South Point Headquarters on Melle Street.

The artist exhibiting their works are:
Assemblage —> is a place for the visual arts community of Johannesburg to connect, to share ideas, information and advice and to collaborate.
Photography credit: Mark Straw
Check them out here and make your way to the fair to show your support.
The 2011 Joburg Fringe opens to the public at 6pm on Wednesday 21 September and there is no entrance fee.
22 Sept (Thursday) 10am – 4pm
23 Sept (Friday) 10am – 4pm
24 Sept (Saturday) 9am – 4pm
—-> the 3rd Saturday of the Neighbourgoods Market at 73 Juta, down the alley way from us,
25 Sept (Sunday) 10am – 2pm
ENTRANCE FEE: 22-24 Sept R20.00 a ticket.
Ror more information email Claudia:

Our neighbour’s goods

@alanshenton #neighbourgoods m arket took over Braamfontein today, I love my city!

@sarahbadat balcony is packed!#neighbourgoods

@ChrisRoperZA Starling and Hero. Great upcycle idea. #neighbourgoods

@MattArt85: The craziness at #neighbourgoods market

@ChrisRoperZA: @thatnicole eating an olive and chocolate cupcake

New urban sauve

Pushing that grown man “swagg”. I like this whole movement, its got that Andre 3000 eccentric feel to it with a bit of that Kanye flamboyance. The brothers be chucking out them baggy jeans and I ain’t even trying to complain. These images dropped a few weeks ago and I was really captured by the way each and every look is assembled, the attention to detail… love it!. Check out the full movement run by two brothers over here .

Jozi Maboneng


images via fratpacker


Taken from Main Street Life Rooftop in downtown Joburg