Str.Crd ’11

I haven’t been to a Str.Crd event, but they had one in Cape Town last year. It’s coming down to eGoli in a couple of weeks. i did some digging and Emkeez from doepelganger did a piece on Str.Crd check it out here.

So Str.Crd happening down in Joburg this year down by the Maboneng Precinct. If you don’t know what they  the only street culture showcase event in Africa  and it’s going down on the long heritage weekend, 24th September.

One thing i love about Str.Crd is that they are  promoting local artist. They are encouraging people to vote for the local acts they want to see. All you have to do is follow @STRCRD on twitter or like them on Facebook here and share with them which artists you want on the stage.

Show some love to a couple of our local artist. All you got to do is that follow some artists we got love for @nonkulululu @Bhubesii @fratpackmusic. Tweet @STRCRD tell them which artists you want to see up on the stage.

Listen to a couple tracks and so you know what we are talking about,

Nonku Someone like you 2

Someone Like you 2 by Nonku

We have done something on Fratpack sometime back (see it here)  and we have mad love for the fam. Make sure to get them on that stage. They got a new track out and its blazing check it out below.

Outhere by fratpack

Make sure you tweet and get them on that stage. These artists are very talented.

Tickerts are R150 and are also available at the event. For more information and to check the programme of events check

Follow us on twitter @bordersanity

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